We do a lot of things but we do not shovel snow!

What can we do?

Litigation Support

Properly documented facts will aid the legal professional or client in choosing the best course of action with a case.

Trademark Infringement

We protect intellectual property owner's rights with photographic, digital or written evidence of proper use of their Marks.

Background Investigation

How important is knowing more than the inexpensive and often incomplete history searches available online?

Franchise Diligence

We are fully knowledgeable on all franchise related activities. Sales, fraud, territory disputes, product & vendor usage, etc.


Sometimes we just need to physically go and take some photographs or video to verify a set of facts!

Notary Services

Witness statements, certified copies, administer oaths and affirmations, acknowledgments of legal documents, etc.

Digital Forensics

Collecting, identifying and validating digital information for the purpose of reconstructing past events.

Fact Verification

It may sound simple but did the witness really have the vantage point to see what they described?

Asset Location

Are assets being hidden? Sometimes you just need the location of a vehicle or something more indepth.

If what you need is information

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